Let your guests charge their smartphones

Firolo AB has got the licensed distribution and the confidence in launching CharLi charger in the Nordics.

CharLi charger is a unique product in many ways. It is in fact a small table display that combines the ability to marketing with the service of charging your guests smartphones.

The built in battery makes it possible to place it on any table without the need of a power cord, perfect for cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, lounges and waiting rooms.

CharLi charger has built in contacts that fit almost every smartphone on the market and it is possible to charge up to six units simultaneously.

CharLi charger is perfectly possible to graphic customize with logotypes and pictures which makes it to a fantastic marketing display – the only limitation is your imagination. There is an accessory available, a topper in plexiglas/acrylic, where you easily can change your message periodically. Perfect for “menu of the week” or your “monthly special offer”.

Customer service is extremely important to get more satisfied guests, to get more guests and to get guests to be loyal and return to your place. Increased sales!  As obvious as you offer your customers a comfortable seat and a nice environment you should offer your customers the possibility to charge their smartphone during the visit - free of charge and still under their own control instead of giving it to the staff or locking it into some floor stand. Your guest would most likely to be continued reachable and online!

It shall be easy for the guest to choose the café or the restaurant that offers this service instead of one that do not.

For detailed information about the products, please visit www.charlinordic.com.

If you do want a demonstration or an offer, please contact via email info@firolo.se or call +46 (0)706 500 500.